How to check if Claim Codes have been used on an Amazon Promotion

It’s important to know when a claim code has or hasn’t been used when you’re trying to track a launch or giveaway campaign on Facebook or any other social media channel.

Jumpsend has a cool feature which shows you when the claim code was requested, and then also shows you if and when that code is used. From historical performance, it’s easy to see a 100% claim rate is unrealistic. For every 100 codes, performance can vary from 10-50% of those claim codes that are requested, not actually being used.

Tracking Facebook Offer Ad Claim Code Usage

So if you’re running a Facebook Offer Ad and distributing your own Promotion Codes, you need some information to see if giving the codes away is actually resulting in sales.

You set the limit for the number of “clicks” your Offer Ad can receive in a day which then limits the number of customers with codes, but this doesn’t mean they’re actually using the codes there and then.

So, you need to check if a promotion has had any of it’s claim codes used.

Luckily, Amazon Seller Central does have a report in which you can identify which orders have utilised which promotions.

Here’s how to find the report:

  1. Under the ‘Reports’ header on Seller Central, choose ‘Fulfillment’.
  2. Under the ‘Sales’ section choose ‘All orders’.
  3. Run the report for the date range you want.
  4. Open the report and copy the results to excel.
  5. Each order will be its own row and you will see a column named promotion-ids.
  6. This will show the codes used on any order in the date period you specified.

Admittedly, it’s the Promotion “Tracking ID” which is visible in this report, but if you go to the promotion in seller central that you’re looking to track, you’ll see the Tracking ID next to the “Internal Description” that you created when creating the Promotion.

So What, How Would You Use This Information?

Realistically, the way you’d use this information is to track and see if your promotion is actually working. Is ANYONE actually purchasing after claiming the claim code? If not, you can fix it.

Equally, if your claim code usage is at 50%, compared with the number given out, you know you can afford to increase the number of codes you give out per day in the Facebook Offer Ad.

Further to that, if you know your performance over the first few days of the Offer Ad is lower than expected, you can increase the number of codes given out in the later days of the offer, or increase the number of days the offer runs for.

Information is power. Blindly “doing” is uncomfortable.

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