The Ultimate Guide to Digital Marketing by Digital Marketer

Ultimate guides that are broken down into chapters are awesome. It’s like a book, but it’s online, so you know it’s about as up to date as it gets. Plus, when a website like are giving out ultimate guides on THEIR topic, it’s probably not a bad place to start.

This is especially a good place to start when you’re trying to provide a broad overview of digital marketing to someone who’s maybe been playing at it, new to it, or simply hasn’t previously had an education in the subject. Hey we’re all students of the science and art of digital marketing! Continue reading “The Ultimate Guide to Digital Marketing by Digital Marketer”

Setting up an Amazon Listing: Checklist

It can sound generic and boring, and the same advice gets spewed out all over the web on a weekly basis, so why write our own checklist?

There are multiple mechanics that go beyond the standard; write a title, write your bullet points as benefits, write your description, put your keywords in the back end. Of course you do those things, but there are some basic mechanics not to miss. Continue reading “Setting up an Amazon Listing: Checklist”

Expanding to New Marketplaces With Amazon Brand Registry

Amazon Brand Registry 2.0 has represented a crackdown on those unscrupulous bottom feeders who frankly have no ethical boundaries. So I’m a fan of the idea that Amazon are taking responsibility for shoring up this experience. Hey, at the end of the day it was a risk to their business model, “Amazon” could have become synonymous for “fake crap”.

So don’t kid yourself if you have an Amazon seller account, they didn’t do it for you!

All that being said, there are some complexities that come with Brand Registry (this may well have been the case for 1.0) but recent experiences with 2.0 have prompted me to record the outcome (well actually we’re in the middle of it).

As a reminder those Brand Registry Benefits include:

  • Access to Enhanced Brand Content for Listings
  • Ability to Create an Amazon Storefront
  • Brand Protection (the Amazon sort)

Continue reading “Expanding to New Marketplaces With Amazon Brand Registry”