The Star Principle Book Insights

Arguably not a book for the many, but a book for the few, Richard Koch’s The Star Principle introduces a structured way to think about success in business.

He leaves you with the realisation that there’s business success and then there’s BUSINESS SUCCESS.

This is defined by the fact that 10% compound growth for 10 years takes a £1m business and turns it into a £3.2m business. 50% growth turns it into a £72m business in the same time period.

5 X the growth rate yields, 20 X the return

But this books’ about more than the simple, but often overlooked compound effect. Continue reading “The Star Principle Book Insights”

Purple Cow: The takeaways and insights

The purple cow is a book written by Seth Goden about the death of a mechanism to win business (advertising) and the birth of a new way to win at business (the Purple Cow concept)

Being remarkable – what does it mean?

A key takeaway revolves around the concept that a singular action from a business can be remarkable enough to “be remarked” or “make news” even if by word of mouth – yet the art and science of being a remarkable business takes much more. Continue reading “Purple Cow: The takeaways and insights”