List of low hanging fruit backlinks

There are a few types:

  • Links from profiles you create for your website on other sites, such as Facebook
  • Links from content aggregation sites that include your website
  • Links from forums with low barrier to entry
  • Links from content publishing sites that syndicate your content
  • Links from PR directories that share your news

Links from website membership profiles

If you go to The HOTH you’ll find a definitive list of social profiles to sign up for. Or they can do it for you – for less than $1 a profile

The service is called Lock My Brand.

The top tier service is $250 for 300 profiles!

Links from content aggregation sites

There are a number of sites with whom you can submit your website, or article by article.

You can submit your website to:


Flipboard can be connected using an API and a WordPress Plugin – BUT you actually only need to enter your RSS feed to Flipboard to pull articles in from WordPress to a Flipboard magazine. This is detailed out in this article about using Flipboard with WordPress.

Links from low barrier forums

Forums such as Reddit allow you to post article links readily

Links from content publishing sites

Medium is ultimately another content or blogging platform, but you can post your entire article to medium. Plus you can enter a canonical URL back to your site.

There’s a plugin for publishing on medium from your WordPress Site. It doesn’t appear to have been supported, but one exists.

There are also other plugins and services that will do this type of syndication. See our article on Social and blog Sharing problems and solutions.

Tumblr is another content publishing site that can build you links back to your WordPress blog.

There’s a few plugins, but they appear unsupported and potentially glitchy. The best one for automatically posting to Tumblr from WordPress is Tumblr Crosspostr – reviewed by WPMU DEV.

Other potential candidates for content publishing:

  • Blogger?

Links from PR sites accepting submissions

Various sites, links and suggestions to follow

Automation of syndication, submission and posting

There are levels of automation that can be achieved for the above. For example:

  • Syndicating and publishing on Medium – WordPress Plugin
  • Adding articles to a Flipboard magazine – RSS Feed integration

Other innovative methods of earning backlinks

  • Create infographics summarising other people’s blog posts and ask for a Backlink in return for them using it

(If they don’t use it, you’ve ultimately taken all the best stuff from their blog post and published it for yourself – it’s in their interest to take credit for their work!)

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