Optimising & Measuring External Traffic on Amazon

Danny’s podcast explains some absolute golden nuggets when it comes to tracking and measuring effectiveness of your external sources of traffic.

The Amazon store functionality available to brand registered sellers is the key to unlocking this traffic measurement capability.

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They don’t mention specifically this example, but it’s possible to build store pages around a single products. It’s then possible to track traffic directly to that page and track how much of this traffic converts. This differs from driving traffic directly to a product listing – as there’s no data provided on conversion rate of visitors based on the traffic source.

The key point is that you now have a method of understanding how effective Facebook and other Ads are, and not just in terms of generating traffic, but in terms of how well that traffic converts.

Essentially this allows you to calculate your “Acos” on your Facebook Ad or Google Ad spend.

This isn’t new capability within Amazon, but it’s likely it’s not being used widely by Amazon sellers.

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