Creating Amazon 2-Step Storefront URL With 1 Product

There’s plenty of talk about 2-step URLs and as soon as a new one arrives, the old one’s go out of date. Some of the most popular tutorials only take you so far, leaving you with the question “How do I make it so only 1 Product displays on the page I’m sending the customer to?”

There are answers out there in various forms, but I’m pulling it together right here, right now…

Creating 2-Step Storefront URL – 90% of the way

So having previously shared a video on how to do this from the guys at Helium10, I’m going to share the same video. It does the trick…almost.

How to Create a Custom 2-Step Storefront URL for Top Product Ranking – Helium 10

So you’ve got a 2-step URL BUT you may still have a few products displaying on your page if you sell similar products.

Going the other 10% – Displaying only 1 Product with a 2 Step URL

For this I turn to a direct quote from Quora

“…In our case, we have 2 fidget spinners in our Storefront Search Result Page. So what if we have more than 1 product in our Storefront Search Result Page? So if you don’t want people to get confused when they come here, see multiple products and you want them to buy the one on the left, you don’t want them to show up other products, how do you control this to force it to go to the one that you want? This is a big problem a lot of sellers have. So what you wanna do is to enter a simple code at the very end of that URL: &field-asin=XXXXXXXXXX where those all Xs are your product’s ASIN number.”

The important bit:



to the end of the URL you created in the above video. (Obviously replacing the X’s with the ASIN of the product you want to show up on the page.

And that’s it…

Techie article that’s a good reference because you always have to go searching and stitching different pieces of information together!

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