Tools for creating Landing Pages for Amazon Coupon Code Distribution

Distributing Amazon single use coupon codes to drive sales velocity either at launch or to maintain sales rank is a well established practice.

Utilising a landing page to capture some user data, like an email address, is also pretty standard practice.

There are a mixture of tools out there, some of them are hosted solutions which don’t provide the benefit of additional visitor traffic to your web domain.

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Getting Hijackers off an Amazon Listing

Brand Registry from Amazon can provide a false sense of security. The thought that now you’re brand registered, you’re safe from unscrupulous scumbags jumping on your listing and “Selling” your products…

Greg Mercer laid out a bit of a strategy for getting the unscrupulous leaches off your listings, and we’ve had some recent experience in using these strategies. Here’s what we did and some templates. Continue reading “Getting Hijackers off an Amazon Listing”

Creating Amazon 2-Step Storefront URL With 1 Product

There’s plenty of talk about 2-step URLs and as soon as a new one arrives, the old one’s go out of date. Some of the most popular tutorials only take you so far, leaving you with the question “How do I make it so only 1 Product displays on the page I’m sending the customer to?”

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How to check if Claim Codes have been used on an Amazon Promotion

It’s important to know when a claim code has or hasn’t been used when you’re trying to track a launch or giveaway campaign on Facebook or any other social media channel.

Jumpsend has a cool feature which shows you when the claim code was requested, and then also shows you if and when that code is used. From historical performance, it’s easy to see a 100% claim rate is unrealistic. For every 100 codes, performance can vary from 10-50% of those claim codes that are requested, not actually being used. Continue reading “How to check if Claim Codes have been used on an Amazon Promotion”