Getting Hijackers off an Amazon Listing

Brand Registry from Amazon can provide a false sense of security. The thought that now you’re brand registered, you’re safe from unscrupulous scumbags jumping on your listing and “Selling” your products…

Greg Mercer laid out a bit of a strategy for getting the unscrupulous leaches off your listings, and we’ve had some recent experience in using these strategies. Here’s what we did and some templates.

The low effort – low cost first warning approach

So firs things first, someone has appeared as a “Seller” of your products and you want to try getting them off your listing with minimal effort and fuss. Best way out of the blocks is to just contact the seller through their seller profile. Here’s an example of the template Greg Mercer provided in his awesome article from the Junglescout Blog.

Hi {Seller Name},
I see that you are also selling Jungle Stix. However, I have created the Jungle Stix brand from scratch, and have never resold any wholesale items to any other reseller.

I own the brand, and have not authorized you or anyone else, to sell Jungle Stix on Amazon.

If you are selling a different brand, while posturing as Jungle Stix, then you are selling counterfeit products, which is something that Amazon takes very seriously and will shut down your account without warning.

If you do not remove your product from the Jungle Stix listing within 24 hours, I will have to contact Amazon and issue a formal Cease and Desist letter. This is obviously not an ideal situation for either of us, so I hope that you take heed to this note and remove your product from Jungle Stix listing immediately.

Thank you for your prompt attention.


Greg Mercer, CEO @ Jungle Stix

Sending this message proved pretty successful in 50% of the cases in which we’ve tried it so far. Not a bad hit rate for ZERO cost!


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