Tools for creating Landing Pages for Amazon Coupon Code Distribution

Distributing Amazon single use coupon codes to drive sales velocity either at launch or to maintain sales rank is a well established practice.

Utilising a landing page to capture some user data, like an email address, is also pretty standard practice.

There are a mixture of tools out there, some of them are hosted solutions which don’t provide the benefit of additional visitor traffic to your web domain.

Hosted landing page tools for Amazon Coupon Code Distribution

Here’s a list of hosted landing page tools to help you distribute Amazon Single Use Coupon Codes.

  • Zonpages
  • AMZ Promoter
  • Landing Cube
  • Discount Coupon Sender
  • MySellerPal
  • AMZLead
  • Voucher Leap

Self-hosted landing page tools for Amazon Discount Code Distribution

This approach uses tools and plugins with your existing website and hosting package.

Taking this approach you benefit from the landing page traffic to your website, boosting website ranking signals.

This approach also allows more control over the look and feel of the landing page – which aligns with your brand.

Here’s the list:

AMZ Coupon Server


  • When all coupons have been claimed, the web page visitor is given a message to say all codes have been claimed


  • Not sure yet…
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