Best Websites For Hiring New Team Members

Hiring new team members is a critical part of growing and expanding your business capability and capacity to serve your customers.

So it’s a hot topic and not one to take lightly. Here are some sites we’ve found and in some cases used to find and hire new team members.

Top places to hire for your online business

This one’s a new and exciting platform that is all about training and development. You hire apprentices who work and learn, gaining relevant experience.

Students can be located globally and deliver work on a weekly basis.

Head over to by clicking here

Search through profiles and message individual candidates, or post an Ad and get flooded with candidates. It’s up to you. The platform comes with a tonne of eBooks and guides on how to hire and manage your new team members (typically referred to as VA’s but this guide is about hiring Team Members not just “assistants”)

Head over to by clicking here

Vision Find

Want to hire someone you can train, not a “professional freelancer”?

This is your place. Vision Find will find you a team member ready for onboarding and training. You just need to provide the right environment for the learning and onboarding process (this is so vital regardless of the hiring source).

Click here to go to Vision Find now


Ok so these guys offer online marketing AND outsourcing services. They’ll find you someone who is trained and can deliver a defined set of activities – and replace them if there’s a problem.

Check out Delonix here

Virtual Staff Finder

Chris Ducker’s service will take your job description and translate that into 3 viable candidates for interview – if you’re not happy they’ll get you another 3!

Virtual Staff Finder is likely to find you someone who’s online savvy, maybe even “professional freelancers”. Once again, the service is focused on virtual assistants – this does differ from “Team Members”.

Go to Virtual Staff Finder by clicking here

Job Street

A more conventional location to hire team members – place an Ad and wait for the applications to come in.

It’s also a great place for inspiration when it comes to job descriptions, compensation packages and salaries.

Check out Job Street by clicking here

Your thoughts…

What are your favourite sources for hiring new team members for your online business?

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