Using Deal Sites to Drive Traffic to Amazon Listings

Launching products on has been largely about giveaways and Amazon-seller-centric “deal sites”, however, there’s a whole world of “deal site” traffic out there that isn’t on these sites.

The point was originally made on the Startup Bros Website in their article about 5 Dirty Hacks for Amazon Sellers. Here’s what they wrote:

“Promote your VPCs on third-party deals sites. This is a really sweet hack that can get you decent levels of traffic with very little effort. Simply search Google for “submit a deal” and you’ll get a list of 500,000+ websites that all want to showcase your deals. Submit your coupons to 10 of these sites per day (not all of them will take online coupons) and if your deal is eye-catching enough, you should start seeing some steady traffic flowing in.”

Despite the article title, this tactic doesn’t feel too dirty to me – it actually gets filed under “blatantly obvious”.

However…one of the key reasons the Amazon-seller-centric deal sites have been a staple diet is the ability for them to dish out unique codes to each shopper. Deal sites from experience have typically been centred around a “global” or “group” claim code – this makes it more of a risk that all of your stock will be ransacked.

Enter Amazon Coupon Codes…

With the coupon code function from Amazon (under the Advertising tab) you can create a deal which has a coupon which can be redeemed when on the Amazon listing. When the number of coupons run out, the deal stops and the product returns to its original price.

This is perfect for deal sites.

So next time you run a coupon code campaign on Amazon, go directly to the deal sites and submit them for approval.

Conventional Deal Sites

Here’s a list of the top deal sites when you search “Submit a deal” on Google:


The unspoken benefit here are the backlinks that are generated to your Amazon listing (or to your website if you put it in the way as a “Gateway Page”.

Amazon hasn’t confirmed that backlinks improve the ranking of a product listing – but Google are pretty damn clear on it! (If Amazon aren’t using this as a ranking signal currently, my guess is they will at some point very soon).

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