Marketing & eCommerce Experts & Training 2018

I’ve pulled together a list of valuable and credible resources for training in the online marketing and eCommerce space in 2018. I’ve named names and linked directly to their sites, and where relevant I’ve signposted any stand out resources, free and paid training.

I will continue to add and update this article as more resources are identified, so watch out for updates!

The article is split into subject matter area and then key resources. Feel free to jump to your area of interest.

  • eCommerce
  • General Marketing
  • Amazon Marketing
  • Paid Search Traffic
  • Organic Search Traffic
  • Written Content Creation & Copywriting

So without further ado, here’s the list…


Ezra Firestone

The Blog is a great (FREE) place to start – Click Here

His Interviews are also first class, and with some other big names in the ecom and marketing space – Click Here

There’s a lot to learn from Ezra on marketing, funnels, direct response – the BIG topics. But it’s also worth noting that he’s a Shopify guy when it comes to the context of his eCommerce content. Of course the insights and learning do translate over into the other segments of eCommerce.

Steve Chou

Steve is once again a Shopify guy when it comes to eCommerce, however so much of the learning you can get from Steve, through his website and podcast is highly transferable to all areas of eCommerce.

Andrew Youdarian

Great resource for general eCommerce, Shopify once again is a specialism.

General Marketing

Gary Vaynerchuk


With a few books including Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook! And Crushing It! Gary is a massive force in Digital Marketing – seeing through the minutes of bullshit tactics and seeing the principles and strategy really quickly.

He’s sure to elevate your viewpoint from head-down to horizon.

Amazon Marketing

Michael Veazey

Michael has nailed his specialism as “support for UK based Amazon Sellers”

His podcast is where you’ll find the rich content- it’s on iTunes here.

With an all-star interview line up of big hitters from the Amazon space, he’s a useful resource for a bunch of high variety topics.

Danny McMillan

Fountain of knowledge for all things Amazon. Particular strength in Pay Per Click advertising on all platforms.

Paid Search Traffic

Evergreen Profits

These guys cover the world of SEO and Paid Advertising really well. Their “P.A.G.F” or “Perpetual Audience Growth Formula” process leverages a piece of keyword researched and targeted content, through paid advertising on Google, to Paid Re-Marketing on Facebook and other Ad platforms. A great way of warming up leads – qualifying traffic.

Organic Search Traffic

Niche Pursuits

Spencer Hawes is an “organic Google Ranking” guy – meaning he’s a popular choice if trying to bootstrap your way to Traffic on Google. I.e. low cost, self-propelled effort without committed ongoing costs.

Although Spencer’s content is primarily directed at finding niches and creating websites that satisfy the needs of the niche, the principles behind his content strategy are solid for any site.

This methodology is very Google-Purist and as a result, does allow the specialisation of your core competency. Therefore you’re not going to learn anything about content promotion or social growth – but you’ll get massive depth in keyword selection and optimisation.

writtenContent Creation & Copywriting


Great for content writing courses. They have a section called “My CopyBlogger” which is a free training area.


These guys have a free course on “Blogging” in general which would be quite useful from an “awareness of best practice” perspective. There’s also an advanced course that’s only $99 and has loads of information in it.

Authority Hacker

These guys have a free course which includes Keyword Research.

Keep an eye out for updates

More to come soon…

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