Amazon OneLink not working with WooCommerce

Amazon OneLink is a method by which you can get your customers redirected to their local marketplace when they click on your affiliate link. That means their chance of converting has just massively increased.

Amazon Associates OneLink International Commissions

This is seriously useful in making your website internationally relevant AND reap the affiliate rewards. However, there’s a problem…

We’ve got a setup of WordPress CMS and the WooCommerce Plugin. On top of that we have the YITH Wishlist Plugin which brings Wishlist functionality to the front end of your website.

Problem 1 – URL Truncation

YITH Wishlist Plugin causes issues with truncating the affiliate link at the ampersand.

This doesn’t give the OneLink script a chance to adapt the URL.

Problem 2 – OneLink doesn’t play nice with WooCommerce

Further frustrating than that, the OneLink script doesn’t achieve the desired effect of redirecting to the local marketplace when using the WooCommerce plugin.

Further detail explanation can be found at Kasa Reviews

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