Improving a Post That’s Already Ranking in Google

Ok, so you want to rank for a targeted keyword, but in reality you’ll end up ranking for more than the keyword you targeted. There’s therefore an opportunity.

Identifying the keywords that you rank for (even if it’s way down the ranking) allows you to put together a list of words that you can then emphasise, or weave into the post (if they’re not already there). This is an optimisation technique discussed by Dom at Human Proof Designs.

Aged Article Search Engine Optimisation – Get behind keywords Google already ranks you for

Dom from Human Proof Designs talks about this in his Podcast Episode 22.

This is an iterative, scaling strategy that can be used to identify more keywords and more competitors, and as a result of finding more competitors, finding even more keywords.

So the lesson taken here is that when you’re starting out, it’s a case of ‘fishing’ for ranking. Once there’s a bite from Google, take their direction and get behind the momentum that Google is granting with some low lying rankings.

SEMRush is mentioned as a tool, but AHRefs will likely also do the same thing.

Other Methods For Optimising Aged Articles

  • Adding YouTube Videos
  • Adding links to other authority sites
  • Adding comparison tables
  • Adding call to actions
  • Adding internal links from other posts to the aged one

Other methods coming soon…

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