Understanding Image Use Limitations: Stock Images, Royalty Free No Attribution Required

Stock images can cost a bunch, but you can also find free stock images pretty readily. The story doesn’t end there though. There’s a responsibility for something called “attribution” and this is actually the more likely stumbling block you’ll come across online.

Free Stock Images, Royalty Free and No Attribution Required Explained

Here’s a great explanation of some of the limitations and differences in Royalties and Attributions:


Basically, editorial context is your blog. Commercial context are the non-blog article pages and content of your website.

So artist attribution will typically be required when using a stock image on your blog. That is unless you seek out specific sites that don’t require artist attribution…

Stock Images that don’t require the artists name next to them

See list – note those with no attribution required are specifically highlighted.




More to be added as they’re found…

Stay legal, be consistent, be professional with ease!

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