The Authorities on Affiliate and Authority Sites in 2018

Here’s a simple roundup list of the authorities in the industry providing guidance, advice and training on Authority and Affiliate Website growth.

These websites and the people behind them are today’s thought leaders on making money online through commission based income. Suitability ranges from newbie level to expert seasoned pro level. So there’s a resource for everyone.

Authority Hacker

Human Proof Designs (Dom Wells)

Niche Pursuits (Spencer Hawes)

Niche Hacks

Niche Site Project (Doug Cunnington)

Brand Builders

FatStack Blog (Jon Dykstra)

Jon goes after big sites with big potential – he takes the long tail approach to competitive niches and focuses on creating 100’s Of pages of content, and importantly, lots of custom images and graphics.

His version of niche site building is more in line with authority site thinking

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