Managing Your Social Team’s Activity On Instagram

When you’re not the one directly managing your Brand’s Instagram account, but you’re ultimately responsible for the success of your organic social campaigns, activity reporting is essential for peace of mind. I’m not talking about the typical Analytics suites out there that measure your audience – I’m talking about measuring the actions YOUR account is taking.

This might sound a little autocratic, or like you’re spying – but that’s not the intention here. If you want to deliver outcomes, don’t measure the outcomes, measure the inputs that deliver those outcomes – are you doing “The Right Things, Right…”

90% of analytics tools you’ll find on the market for Instagram are entirely focused on audience measurement – not measuring the inputs that you’re team are delivering.

Inputs like:

  • Liking other people’s content
  • Commenting on other people’s content
  • Reposting other people’s content
  • Posting your own content
  • Creating stories

Measuring your audiences engagement with you is great. But how about measuring how engaging YOU are being to your audience?

Enter Snoop Report…

Now I don’t like the name. Snooping isn’t the intention. But I have a feeling the name is derived from the fact that the intention for the tool is for you to measure the actions taken by other Instagram Accounts. e.g. Snooping on your competitors communication strategy.

As a manager of a team however, this gives you insight into what your own team are doing – and how much of it they’re doing. This could help you identify where you’re short of resource, or where your team’s eye may have been taken off the ball when dealing with other issues etc. Above all else – it quantifies what you’re doing. Helping you answer the question; are we executing a strategy to it’s full potential, or just playing at it?  is a paid tool ($0.69 per week to follow 1 account for an entire year) so it’s extremely cheap – and equivalent reporting by a human would be at significantly more cost.

A dashboard report to accompany the Snoop Report analytics is still an essential, as this delivers a lot more in terms of accountability for your team. Once again, management does rely on trust and a lot of good will, so this on it’s own isn’t the answer to managing your team – but it’s a significant enhancement to your KPI dashboard.

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