Influencer Marketing

This is a huge subject, so will have a number of chapters.

The benefits may appear clear, but a strong “Why” is always required in every marketing effort, so I’ll lay them out to be completely explicit.

Why Influencer Marketing Anyway?

Influencers significantly help overcome the issue of mass distraction and choice overwhelm that we now face. Seth Godin in his book “Purple Cow” talks about this problem of “too much choice” or being “Money Rich, Time Poor” as a society. Seth Godin’s answer to the problem was to be the “Purple Cow”. Be remarkable. That is, until everyone else also follows and you become a herd of “Purple Cows” who are now somewhat less remarkable than a single anomalous Purple Cow.

The whole principle behind being remarkable can be applied to the product or service that’s being provided, or the marketing tactics deployed. Both have a shelf life. However, a stable product with continuously evolving marketing tactics that are in themselves remarkable could also be defended as a solution.

Over at the Manufacturing Network blog you’ll find an article on the Marketing Tactic Trend Cycle. The article cites both Gary Vaynerchuck and Joanna Wiebe to make the case that Marketing Tactics have a shelf life – a cycle.

So how does influencer marketing overcome this issue?

I’m not simply suggesting that influencer marketing is immune to this phenomenon. It may be one of the tactics that has a predictably longer shelf life, but even influencer marketing won’t be immune from the inevitability of mass adoption – leading to white noise.

However, the one thing influencer marketing has that many other tactics don’t is in the name. Influence.

The problem of “Too much choice” is driven by the fact that there are simply too many options. As human beings, we don’t like making bad choices, and an increase in the number to choose from simply makes our lives MORE difficult, not less.

Influencers narrow the choices back down. By providing a recommendation or endorsement the influencer is allowing us to feel better about the choice we made, before, during and after making the choice.

Borrowing a Trusted Purple Cow

In essence, what we’re talking about here is borrowing someone else’s “Remarkable” appeal to direct attention at your offer. Influencers have established the attention of their audience through being remarkable. They’ve also established the trust of their audience through being authentic, consistent and relate-able.

So, Why Influencer Marketing?

Influencers are already “Remarkable” to their target audience. By getting an endorsement or recommendation you are borrowing the attention of their audience.

Influencers help their audience, your customers make a choice and feel good about that choice, before, during and after making it.

The powerful bit:

You have access to an endless number of influencers who are using the evolving marketing tactics to be remarkable, continuously.

Meaning, if you perfect the art of finding a building relationships with influencers, and they concentrate on the business of being remarkable…

You have access to an ongoing source of scalable attention and trust


After all, what is it that we are trying to achieve in the field of Marketing?

  • Gain attention – Know us
  • Feel a connection – Like us
  • Listen to us – Trust us

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