Uninstalling WordPress for a Fresh Install of… WordPress!

Should you need uninstall WordPress for any particular reason, the steps can get quite in depth and technical. You’ll need to familiarise yourself with your File Manager and the My SQL Databases section of your CPanel, but this isn’t too difficult in reality.

You should only need to do this once in a blue moon, therefore it’s not something you’re going to get familiar with. So here’s a quick cheat sheet guide on the steps to take to perform an uninstall of WordPress from your hosting account.

Step by Step Process

Within CPanel you delete the files and folders associated with the website you want to reinstall WordPress on.

If you’ve got VPS hosting, it’s likely that under the Primary Domain file structure, there’s going to be a folder called Public_Html. Under this folder, there will be a folder for each website hosted on the VPS.

It’s these folders you can then delete.

To clean things up, you’ll also need to delete your SQL Database. However, these are likely to be named weird, unrelated names to your website.

Going to My SQL Databases will bring up a page of databases with, as I said, weird names.

You then need to go to the WP-Config.php file for each of the websites you want to keep. This will be in the main file directory for each of the websites, i.e. Public_Html > MyWebsiteName

Find the Database name in each of the WP-Config.php files.

Make a note of the Databases you want to keep, and delete everything else from the My SQL Databases section.

That’s it. Not 100% necessary to delete the databases, but does clean everything up.

Then you can go forwards and perform a fresh install of WordPress as per your hosting providers’ instructions.

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